Login to https://buy.run address and click the "Register" button from the top left menu.

Enter the information requested from you on the page that appears.

You can log in after entering the number in the message sent to your phone.

The system may also request mail verification from you.

You need to go to your profile page and choose either Dropshippher or Supplier.

Dropshipper: If you do not have an existing shop and want to do your business from home, this is the option for you. For this, please see the details on the Dropshipper link.

Supplier: If you have an existing shop and you are working with stock, select this option and continue.

Here's what you need to do here:

  • You install the required documents from you,
  • Enter your bank information,
  • Your company address information should be according to the tax plate,
  • Passport of the owner or partners of the company or T.C. The identification number must be entered,
  • You need to enter an invoice of your company such as electricity, telephone, natural gas for the last month,
  • Finally, the addition of stocked products you keep as inventory in your accounting program is integrated with a software developer according to the information in the API link.

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